Saturday, July 18, 2009

A Look At the Political Culture Running Washington

The politicians from Chicago, hate business. Making it impossible to do business is just the kind of thing they love in Chicago. Chicago, city that works? --

Impossible rules. Ex post facto imposition of fines. (It was legal then, not legal now, you owe a fine.) The list of things goes on.

And that is view of business now on the lose in Washington. Business is the enemy to be taxed and regulated to no end. Forget that small business provides most of the jobs in this country, and we need more jobs not fewer.

But I really love this observation...
A street vendor selling bottles of water on a hot day will be harassed by police if he does not have a special license or if he crossed an invisible line into a no-peddling zone. (Aldermen can arbitrarily draw lines around neighborhoods to prohibit selling on the street.) If his citations have piled up and he cannot afford to pay them off, he will not even be allowed to make things right and get a license. Meanwhile, all too often, he knows that the drug dealers across the street ply their trade undisturbed. [my emphasis: Z-Deb]
It is much easier to hurt small business that is legal. You are much less likely to be shot by a bottled-water vendor than a you are by a drug dealer.

I love the arbitrary rules. (And those arbitrary rules can change any day.) How are you supposed to do business in this environment? If you are a small business person, you aren't.

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