Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Pink Pistols: Still Freaking People Out

gay flagI love the way that the Pink Pistols upset absolutely everyone. This article points that out. Here, queer, and without fear: Gays and lesbians lock and load in self-defense | Minneapolis - St. Paul

When early members of the Pink Pistols started showing up at 2nd Amendment rallies,
“People didn’t know whether to run or shake our hands,” [Bob Odden, the Twin Cities chapter founder] says.
Gays are also freaked. (The PP logo is all about guns, which apparently are icky.)
Disconcerted by the negative reaction they were receiving from the GLBTQ community, the Twin Cities Pink Pistols started to emphasize the need for self-defense. Rather than just focusing on guns, the group also encouraged other forms of self-defense, such as mace and high-voltage stun guns. “After we changed the banner to self-defense, people understood more what we were about,” Odden says.
Which is what I am about. Self-defense is a human right, even in locales where they restrict your right to carry concealed (or open) you must have a plan. I use what is available. A combination of mace and pepper-spray works pretty well, though nothing is perfect. (Something is probably better than nothing.)

The Twin Cities now have 2 groups: A Pink Pistols Chapter and the North Star Gay and Lesbian Gun Club, which broke off from the Pink Pistols to obtain Non-profit status. (The national PP org made some political endorsements, making non-profit a no-go.)
Dana Wolfe and Emi Briet have founded a new Twin Cities chapter of the Pink Pistols; they hope to hold an initial meeting this summer. Like the North Star group, Wolfe said the group will steer clear of political discourse, except to inform the participants about upcoming gun legislation.

They also hope to make a push for women to feel welcome in the group. Also, Wolfe said that she wants the group to have a strong queer association. “We don’t want to hide the fact that we’re queer,” she says. She’s concerned that the North Star club has downplayed the GLBTQ aspect. “It needs to be a queer identity movement,” she said. “Otherwise, what distinguishes us from the NRA?”
I just love to see Pink Pistols in the news.

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