Saturday, July 04, 2009

To Tea Party, or Just Plain Party?

That is a question. There are 3 tea parties in reasonable driving range. One claims to be as much about "Judeo Christian tradition" as about taxes. I take that to mean gays, Buddhists, Wiccans, etc. need not apply. One is in a restaurant parking lot, in Clearwater. And one is in, what I can only describe as a red-neck community. (I lived there for the longest 6 months of my life, trust me I know.)

Most Americans - of any political persuasion - believe that if you ask one question, you can determine my entire set of political views, however unrelated the topics. If I am against higher taxes and bigger government, I must be in favor of the Judeo-Christian tradition*. If I am in favor of 2nd Amendment Rights, I must be opposed to abortion and in favor of capital punishment. I view the world in slightly more complex terms than that.

So 2 of these 3 Tea Parties, will likely be annoying to me. (Trust me on the red-neck community - I was annoyed for those 6 months.) The 3rd, sounds like a way to make money for an enterprising restaurateur.

Enjoy your tea parties. I wish you well.

* As a student of history, the only tradition I see, is that every couple of hundred years or so, the Christians try to exterminate the Jews. From the Inquisition, to the Edict of Expulsion kicking Jews out of England, (they would later be expelled from France and Spain) to the Pogroms in Eastern Europe to the Holocaust, that tradition is pretty clear. Then there is U. S. Grant's General Order 11, which didn't degenerate into killing, but looked to be sliding that way, and the whole issue of "restricted communities." Sort of ethnic cleansing without all the unpleasantness. Read later works of Martin Luther - he was quite distressed in his later years that the Jews didn't flock to his new church after he broke with Rome. He was so distressed he said some pretty nasty things, which other Germans dusted off in the 1930s for another purpose. Then, we can talk about the "tradition."

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