Friday, August 28, 2009

Anniversary of Katrina = August 29th

While drinking coffee and flipping channels I ran across a Discovery Channel show on the event in New Orleans. I didn't see it all, but I did hear some of the 911 calls.

(Warning: this rambles and probably repeats itself at times.)

That was a Category 5 hurricane just before it weakened and turned away from NOLA and hit Mississippi. The satellite photos of the storm were astounding.

People were calling 911 in the middle of a hurricane - winds in NOLA weren't cat 4, but they still experienced major-hurricane-force-winds. (Or what do you think ripped the roof off the Super Dome?)

So against that backdrop, people were angry that 911 services were not going to come and rescue them from the rising waters.

Just for your information, if you ever disobey an "order" to evacuate, you give up the right to call 911 and have someone pull your fat out of the fire. That is really what the orders signify. And yes, I have disobeyed "orders" to evacuate in the face of hurricanes on more than one occasion. This is not something that the people of NOLA appreciated.

Anybody who stayed put in the face of an approaching Category 5 Hurricane (again Katrina was Cat 5 until just before landfall) is insane. A reasonably healthy adult can walk at least 20 miles in 1 day, given enough water. Walk. Ride a bike. Whatever. If you are faced with a disaster, be prepared to stay or get out or both - I have stayed and then bugged-out at the last minute when a storm didn't follow its predicted path. In the face of a major disaster like Katrina the only sane response is to leave.

Be aware that in the aftermath, rescuers won't usually rescue your animals. They are busy saving people, and people come before animals (sorry PETA), so get used to the idea of abandoning your pets if you have to call for assistance when it does become available. (Pets also aren't welcome at most shelters.)

And if you decide you are smart enough to ignore warnings about impending disasters from everyone including the government and stay put, then don't call 911 if you get in trouble. Lack of planning on your part, etc.

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