Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Because a Bear Near Kids Is a Bad Thing

The Left says that no one needs guns today. Apparently they don't think bears are a problem. Nuisance bear shot dead in Screven
Ken Boyette shot the bear about two blocks from his home after it wandered into a neighbor’s yard on Wasdin Street not far from where children were riding bikes and playing football.

Minutes earlier, the bear had torn up a home after forcing its way inside. The bear then went up to Boyette’s home where it was scared off by his brother’s bulldog.

“I didn’t have a choice. He had no fear of humans,” Boyette said. “I was afraid it was going to hurt one of the kids or someone else.”
The bear had been relocated a couple of times around Florida and eventually into Georgia.

But the bear had come to associate people and food.
[Ed Van Otteren, a Georgia Department of Natural Resources wildlife technician who had captured the bear a week earlier at a St. Marys home,] said there is some evidence that the bear had started rummaging through garbage. That often leads bears to associate food with people, which can lead to aggression.

“Unfortunately, he got too used to people and couldn’t stay away,” Van Otteren said.
I wonder how many tax dollars were spent trying to keep this bear alive.

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