Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Can The UAW Compete with the Chinese?

So the Japanese, the Koreans and now the Chinese will be competing the US. China's BYD to bring electric cars to U.S. in 2010 | Green Tech - CNET News
The company chairman Wang Chuanfu told the Wall Street Journal that the company, which is part-owned by investor Warren Buffet, is now gearing up for a U.S. push. It plans to raise money by offering shares in the company in China to help finance the expansion.

BYD plans to offer a few hundred of one of its most advanced cars in the U.S., the five-seat e6, which takes seven to nine hours to fully charge and has a 250-mile range.
Not something for the family vacation, but should do a good job commuting.

The $40,000.00 price tag is dictated by the cost of the batteries. (Similar for the Volt.) Battery technology still has a ways to go before electric can replace some type of combustion.

But I guess the real question is if the Chevy Volt can compete with this in the long run.

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