Friday, August 28, 2009

I Can't Believe They Said "Walk With a Friend"

Only a liberal bureaucrat could say this with a straight face. University of Tampa stresses safety after student shot - St. Petersburg Times

OK, they aren't going to encourage armed self-defense - that is still illegal on college campuses in Florida. But their suggestion is incredible.
The university has held about six formal counseling sessions for faculty and students emotionally affected by the slaying, while resident advisers met with students this week to give them a safety rundown.

They reminded students to walk off campus — as well as on — with at least one friend at night.
Walk with a friend? Really. That will keep you safe?
On Aug. 19, UT student-athlete Ryan McCall, 21, and a friend walked home from the Retreat Lounge about 3 a.m. when a robber demanded money on the N Boulevard bridge and fatally shot McCall. The shooting took place off campus, a few blocks from McCall's home.
So it didn't work too well for this poor kid and his family.

Oh, and the ride on golf-carts are sure to be secure. (How long before someone steals a golf-cart I wonder.)

How about be sure to carry Mace or pepper spray, or a kubaton, stun-gun, or whatever might be legal on college campuses? No, that is too close to encouraging individual action.

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