Thursday, August 20, 2009

Media bias? What media bias?

Scars Linger After Acts of Self-Defense - I guess the NY Times thinks we would be better off if we didn't prepare to defend ourselves.

This is a great piece of media bias. The whole point of these stories is that people who defend themselves suffer in the years following. Yeah, maybe. But they aren't dead.

And its funny, but none of the stories are of women who defended themselves against rapists. Oh, that's right - only store keepers were interviewed. (Because no one else is ever attacked in New York City.)

I am sure that there are issues these men - and they are all men - have to deal with. But at least some of them might be dead if they hadn't defended themselves. (Cooperating with criminals is no guarantee of safety.)

But then the NY Times couldn't interview any of the clerks who weren't armed, and died as a result of robbery. (Do a google news search on "clerk shot" someday.)

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