Thursday, August 27, 2009

New York Hate Crime Statistics

This is actually surprising. Not that Jews suffer from hate crimes, but that the numbers are so high. State: Jews most frequent target of hate crimes |
The report found that police agencies identified 596 hate crimes throughout New York last year. Jews were targets 36 percent of the time, with blacks targeted 25 percent of the time, gay men, 11 percent, and Hispanics, 4 percent.
It seems we have a ways to go to achieve that blissful state usually referred to as the Judeo-Christian tradition. (As I've said before, the only tradition I'm aware of is that every 50 or 100 years the Christians try to exterminate the Jews.)

You know, it's funny how all of the people saying how we don't need hate crime laws to protect gays aren't out there protesting the existence of current hate-crime laws. Just saying...

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