Monday, August 10, 2009

Serious About Self-defense

Florida expects about 150,000 concealed carry permit applications this year.Gun permit requests rise
"We're still sitting on about 50,000 applications," said Agriculture Commissioner Charles Bronson. "We're getting in about 14,000 or 15,000 a month, and whenever they get a good slug out, they're getting another 15,000 in."
Don't ask me to explain how FL divides responsibilities between the various departments. I don't think anyone understands it.

The reports that the state used get about 14,000 permit requests per year. That is how many they are getting every month right now.
As of July 31, Florida had 607,977 concealed-weapon permit holders. Most permit requests are approved, so long as the person is over 21 and has no felony record.
Estimates - there is no registration in Florida - are that there are at least 6 million guns in FL.

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