Saturday, August 29, 2009

This Guy and His Lawyer Are Insane

I think the headline says it all... Convicted Thief Sues Store He Robbed.
Zeilinski is serving an 8-22 year sentence for the robbery that happened in November of 2007. According to police and court records, Zeilinski came in wearing a mask and carrying a knife that he put to the throats of several employees, threatening to kill them before stealing cigarettes and cash. As he was leaving--reportedly still making threats--one of the young clerks grabbed a gun and shot him in the arm and back. Zeilinski's lawyer says his client is asking in excess of $125,000 for pain and suffering and emotional distress.
Those employees hi threatened with the knife should each sue him for "emotional distress."

And what kind of lawyer would take this case? The kind who doesn't want his name in print apparently.

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