Saturday, August 22, 2009

What If All the Money You Have, Isn't Enough?

You cooperate with your attacker, and hand over all your money. Then you get shot. Killer angered over small amount he got from UT student - St. Petersburg Times

The Left loves to say that if you only cooperate with your attacker and give him what he wants, you will be fine.* That is little more than wishful thinking.
TAMPA — The man who robbed and fatally shot a University of Tampa student early Wednesday was angered by the small amount of cash he got, police said.

Before he pulled the trigger, police spokeswoman Laura McElroy said, "The suspect continued to demand more money and was irate that they didn't have more."
Even police spokeswoman McElroy is confused.
"Why he would pull the trigger and commit such a senseless crime is a question we don't have an answer to," McElroy said.
How about this answer? Violent criminals remain violent even if you cooperate.

Cooperating with criminals is no guarantee of safety.

Of course having a plan for your personal defense is also no guarantee of safety. "The only things certain are death and next winter's snows." The fact that your plans do not always work only proves you are human. Still, I prefer to take action in my own defense. I believe it is in my best interest. You are free to believe differently, as long as you don't insist I share in your beliefs.

I am not trying to blame the victims in this tragedy. The only one responsible is the monster who pulled the trigger. (If they catch and convict him, Florida will execute him.) I merely want to point out that the Left's assurance that cooperating with violent criminals ensures safety is an outright lie.

* When counseling cooperation, they are always talking about robbery, they never discuss rape, and what a woman should do when confronted by a rapist.

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