Sunday, September 06, 2009

Beat Someone Up - Get a PAID Vacation

Now in the long-run, he will lose a lot. In the short-run, he is on paid leave. Police: Officer Attacked Man Over Facebook Messages

OK, you don't like some messages that someone has sent to your wife. Do you think that means you get to beat that someone up? This guy does.
He was shouting at him for sending messages to his wife on Facebook and MySpace, Murphy told investigators.

Lieutenant Sherman later admitted to investigators that he was angry about the messages. It's not clear what they said.

"Mr. Sherman advised he did not believe it was right that another man was communicating with his wife by internet sending some of the things he was sending to her," the investigators wrote in the charging documents.
He has been charged with battery. Is that a felony or a misdemeanor? And why not assault? If someone can explain the difference in the comments, I would be grateful. When does battery become assault?
Sherman posted bond today. He'll be paid while he is on leave, according to Police Chief Ted Anderson.
Innocent until proved guilty...

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