Sunday, September 27, 2009

Boston Takes On "The Thin Blue Line"

Cops lying to cover for other cops is a bit of problem in Boston. Policing the police is ‘the right thing to do’ -

Two high-profile cases: Michael Cox, and undercover officer, was beaten almost to death by other cops. Ken Conley lost his job after he was one of the only cops to testify about what happened when a murder suspect was being pursued in January 1995.
The Thin Blue Line has provided cover for some cops to bend the truth, to get “creative” with a report in order to make a case, or to take the stand and engage in what’s known as “testilying.”
So they are adopting a one-lie and you're out rule: "The Bright Line Rule."

It is a good step. I don't think it will work, because cops will continue to do what they do. They get rewarded for "catching the bad guy." So that is what they will do, even when they can't find the real bad guy, or they can't find enough evidence. Whatever.

In the end, if LEOs want the public to trust them, then they need to be trust-worthy. And that means the good cops, can't turn a blind eye.

And it needs to be more than just Boston that addresses this.

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