Friday, September 25, 2009

Chicago Police Towing Scam No. 2

This isn't the kickbacks they were extorting from tow truck drivers. This is a whole other scam. City Room™ - Metro - Lawsuit Asks Chicago Police to Halt a Towing Program
If the Chicago police seize your car and take it to lot number one on the city's south side, there's no way to contest the seizure. There's no judge or administrative officer to make your case to.
Even if they towed your car by mistake, storage of $35 a day will add up. The woman in this story owed $2000 before she got her car back. She had done nothing wrong.

Seems a bit crooked to me.

A lawyer has filed a class-action lawsuit on behalf of 15,000 people who have had similar experiences. In addition to money, he his asking a judge to put a stop to the CPD's habit of seizing property without due process.

(Her car was towed because someone else had used her name when that other person got arrested. She spent 26 hours in jail over a case of mistaken identity. She did NOTHING wrong.)

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