Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Did He Really Think He Could Solve This Problem?

In less than a year? Apparently he did, because he is "frustrated" there has been no progress. Obama issues stern challenge on Mideast peace - Yahoo! News

The only thing everyone can agree on is that they should continue to talking. That is "restart the peace process." That process? Decades of meaningless talk.

Obama want to pressure Israel to freeze the building in settlements. Not just the creation of new settlements, but the expansion of existing ones.
Officials and diplomats have said that Netanyahu's centrist predecessor, Ehud Olmert, last year discussed land swaps that would have given Palestinians close to the full amount of territory Israel captured in 1967 and also spoke about dividing control of the city of Jerusalem with the Palestinians.

However, no clear agreements were ever published. At a briefing with reporters who traveled with him to New York, Netanyahu said, "We are certainly not obligated to the positions of the previous government."
In case you missed that, Olmert's party was voted out of office.

So he sent a team to negotiate a freeze, hoping to salvage something.
Mitchell left the region on Friday without reaching a deal with Israel over limits on Jewish settlement construction.

Each side has blamed the other for the failure of Mitchell's mission, which underscored the lack of progress on one of Obama's chief diplomatic goals and a major factor in his drive to repair America's image in the Muslim world.
Not sure how that would work, really.

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