Sunday, September 06, 2009

Don't Question Government Docs - You Will Lose Your Family

We are told - by Michael Moore and others - that the UK has an idyllic existence due to government run health care. It isn't all good of course. 'Uppity' parents who challenge the authorities 'risk having children taken away' - Telegraph:
Local authorities are using proceedings in the family courts as "retaliation" against parents who question doctors' diagnoses of their children or challenge other decisions, according to an MP.
Don't want to put your kids through something? Too bad. Better not disagree with the government doctors.
One family reportedly had all six of their children taken into care after they questioned the need for an invasive medical test on their daughter who was suspected of having a blood disease.

Although the girl later tested negative for the condition, an emergency protection order remained in place.
I mean you can't leave kids in an environment where they might learn to question their betters government bureaucrats. Bureaucrats know what is best.

Gee I can't wait till we have government run health care over here.

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