Thursday, September 24, 2009

Ex-SOS Cop Gets Plea Deal

Chicago PD's Special Operations Section (SOS) - disbanded some time ago - is back in the news, as the proceedings make it to court. 60 days jail for ex-SOS cop who falsified police report :: CHICAGO SUN-TIMES
Hopkins, like the four other officers, agreed to plead guilty to a lesser charge in exchange for information in the continuing state and federal investigations involving other officers, including their alleged ring leader Jerome Finnigan. More serious charges against Hopkins and the other four were dropped.
The plea involved illegal searches of motorists and homes -- looking for drugs and money. (4th Amendment?)

These cops weren't involved in minor things.
Herrera, Finnigan and two other officers have pending cases in the criminal investigation.

Finnigan is also charged in federal court with plotting to kill fellow officer Herrera, who he believed was cooperating with the investigation.
Those illegal searches - of anyone and everyone they could get to - resulted in robberies, home invasions, etc.
[Attorney] Joseph Roddy said Hopkins involvement was a "tragic mistake" and stressed that she never profited from any of the alleged robberies.

"If anything she looked the other way and went along with the crowd, which isn't right either," Roddy said.
She looked the other way and went along with the crowd. In other words, she stood behind the thin blue line.

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