Friday, September 11, 2009

Good Guys 2, Bad Guys 0

They picked on the wrong 74-year-old. Intruders shot, cut by 74-year-old man, police say | The News Journal
Sgt. Walter Newton said the homeowner arrived back at the house and found an empty SUV in his driveway and a side door that had been locked was open. He then found the front door had been kicked in.

Two men -- later identified by police as Paul L. Spencer, 43, and Gregory B. Stewart, 49, both of Lincoln -- approached the homeowner at the side door and said they were “looking to purchase a dump truck,” Newton said.

The homeowner told them to leave, but they continued toward him. Spencer crossed the threshold and grabbed a landscaping tool and threatened the homeowner, Newton said. The homeowner took a machete from next to the door and swung it at Spencer, striking him several times in his right forearm and hand.

“Both suspects continued toward the homeowner, which caused him to fire two .25 caliber rounds from a handgun. One of the bullets struck Stewart in his abdomen,” Newton said.
If you break into enough homes, you will eventually meet an armed resident. Results in that case are fairly predicable.

The guy who got shot, is being treated in a local hospital. The other guy was arrested at his home, treated for cuts to his arm, and charged with "burglary, conspiracy, menacing and criminal mischief."

Self-defense is a human right.

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