Wednesday, September 02, 2009

He Was Shot After He Handed Over Cash and Phone

We are often told - by folks like the Brady Bunch - that if we just give criminals what they want, they will leave us alone. Man recovering from midday shooting - Of course, that is a lie.
The victim told police an unknown man about 19 years of age and five other teens robbed him of $10 and a cellphone.

The main robber then shot him in the right thigh and the group fled eastbound on E. Baltimore Blvd.
How's that? He was shot AFTER he handed over the cash and phone?

I thought cooperation was supposed to keep us safe.

Of course I wonder what advice would be given to a parent faced with a monster trying to kidnap their child. Would you suggest cooperation under those circumstances?

Anyway, cooperation is clearly not a guarantee of safety. This guy was unlucky enough to have been shot in the leg. He is lucky he wasn't shot and killed.

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