Sunday, September 27, 2009

How Long Should You Wait for Police?

You witness a crime - a man beating a woman. You call 911. Nothing happens. Turlock Journal - Where are the police when you need them? The crime scene breaks up and you drive away, only to discover that the guy who was doing the beating is now following you. You call 911 again.

How long should it take to get some kind of action?
So, after waiting some time, the woman drove off and we saw that the man was getting into another car so we decided to leave. Next thing we know, we are being followed by this man. He followed us a good 5-10 minutes. It was the most frightening thing I have ever experienced. We didn’t know if this man had a gun or a knife or what his intentions were, so we called the cops again to tell them that we were being followed. The woman that answered asked if we wanted an officer to call us and of course we said “yes.”
Five phone calls and three days later they got a response from an officer.

You want to bet your life on that system? Fine, you go right ahead. Just don't expect me to share your delusion.
How is it possible that when a woman is getting beat out on the street there is not a single cop in sight? But when the weekend comes around there are plenty of cops set up at DUI check points?
Do you mean aside from the fact that checkpoints are easier than dealing with violent offenders, raise more money in terms of fines for the cities and states, etc?

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