Sunday, September 06, 2009

I Would Say That Makes for a Reasonable Threat

You walk into a business while masked and carrying a shotgun, and I think people are going to assume you are up to no good. Attempted robber shot by pawn shot employee�|
An 18-year-old man wearing a mask and carrying a sawed-off shotgun entered a south Fulton County pawn store Saturday.

But an employee at the store grabbed a gun and fired first, according to police.

Terrence Colton was hit twice and was taken to Grady Hospital. He faces an armed robbery charge, according Cpl. Kay Lester with Fulton police. Colton could face additional charges.
Cpl Lester said the shop employee was within the law. This is because self-defense is a human right, and in some parts of the country, like Georgia, it is also your legal right.

It seems one bad is guy is on the run. The guy who was shot is in stable condition, waiting to be transferred from the hospital to jail.

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