Thursday, September 10, 2009


I really need to start a "cops behaving stupidly" category.... There are enough stories to warrant it. Police Tear Gas Wrong House In Butler Co. Standoff - Pittsburgh News Story

Don't you think that before the SWAT teams get busy, someone should double check that they are in the right place? They were in the right place. They fired the tear gas into the house across the street from the right house. (Cut to Homer Simpson in police uniform... Doh!)
Damage to the house is so severe it's going to take four days for professional cleaners to clean it up.

"There's a fine film on everything. I mean, you can see it on our furniture, you can see the stains on the curtains. And on this back window specifically you can see where the shell hit," Spinetti said.

Spinetti said state police have promised him they will cover any costs of the cleanup that are not being covered by his insurance company.
Police have been "unavailable" for comment on the situation.

So they opened the dance with tear gas. What if they saw someone in that "house across the street?" Would they have opened fire with something more lethal? Who knows.

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