Wednesday, September 30, 2009

They Tried to Carjack the Wrong Guys

Two guys try to rob and carjack some guys standing in front of a home. (It was truck, not a car, does that make it a truck-jacking?) Carjacking Suspect Shot, Arrested Overnight
Police say one of the men wanting a ride then pulled a gun and tried to rob the men and steal the truck, forcing one of the victims into the truck while he held the gun at the man's head.

The second victim ran back inside the house to get a gun.

When he came back outside, the victim in the truck had also managed to grab a gun that was in the truck and started shooting at the suspect.
One guy was found on the ground nearby with gunshot wounds. He will be moved to jail once he gets out of the hospital.

The other guy did get away.

More and more, law-abiding citizens are armed. I don't think the crooks are smart enough to learn the lesson.

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