Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Violent Criminals Are Violent

This fact seems to evade Police Chief Robert Grabowski of Macon, GA. Macon Police Release Video in Chevron Shooting

They had the cash and cigarettes. They were making their escape. They were not threatened.
Police Capt. Robert Grabowski says Patel was behind the counter when the robbers jumped the counter and took cash and cigarettes.

Metal burglar bars cover the windows but there is no barrier at the counter.

Grabowski says one robber shot Patel on the way out.

"It was a case of senselessness, and cold-blooded to shoot him for no apparent reason, after they had already got the money," said Grabowski.
He is genuinely surprised that violent criminals are violent, irrational, and violent. What did he expect?

Cooperation will not keep you safe. Nothing will keep you safe, there are no guarantees in this life except "death and next winter's snows." So you have to decide what choices you will make. Clerks, pizza delivery guys, bank tellers, hell everyone from time to time is told "cooperate to be safe." Since cooperation won't make me safe, I would rather act in my own defense, given the chance.

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