Sunday, October 11, 2009

Another Video Contradicts Officers' Story

It isn't usual for them to actually be charged. 3 LAPD officers charged with lying in drug case - San Jose Mercury News They are charged with conspiracy and perjury.
At a trial last year, Amio and Samuel testified that they chased Guillermo Alarcon Jr., 29, into his Hollywood apartment building in 2007 and saw him throw away a black object. Ortiz testified about the case at a preliminary hearing.

They said one of the officers picked up the object a few feet from Alarcon and found $260 worth of powder and crack cocaine inside.

But Alarcon's attorney had a 37-minute video from the apartment building's surveillance camera. The tape shows the officers took longer than 20 minutes to find the drugs and that other officers, including Ortiz, helped in the search.
The case was thrown out. (Some folks are saying "frame".)

The FBI is involved to see if civil rights were violated.

And to think it was only a few short months ago that the LAPD got out from under federal oversight.

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