Monday, October 12, 2009

Continuing to do the same thing, and expecting a different result....

That's one definition of insanity. Which of course leads us to Gun control.

Gun control in the UK isn't working. So of course they want more of it. (The ruling class - in this case the Lord Chief Justice - wants it anyway.)
If you discount the use of air-guns and only count real firearms, the use of firearms in violent crimes has continued to increase in the UK despite them being illegal (as reported by the Home Office Statistical Report on Firearms Offenses, pg 34). In a knee jerk reaction to horrific crimes committed in the past, the government is now controlling people instead of allowing them to protect themselves. Although it may be more difficult for criminals to get guns many will still get them. The problem is that the biggest deterrent against gun crime is no longer available.
That biggest deterrent is an armed, law-abiding populace.

Draconian. Police-state. These are terms that can rightly describe the UK today. Controlling the law-abiding is cheaper and easier than putting criminals in prison. Besides the prisons are full. Just give those burglars a warning. Other crimes? Rapists go free with such regularity, that the reporting statistics are now suspect. (Why bother, if the conviction rate is less than 10 percent? It may be less than 5 percent for the crimes eventually brought to trial.) So what to do? Pass more laws controlling the law-abiding population's access to defensive weapons.

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