Monday, October 12, 2009

Good Guys 2, Bad Guys 0

Being aware of his environment, enabled this guy to be ready for trouble. Deputies: Victim shoots gunman after attempted robbery in Polk
About 6 p.m. Sunday, Johnny Preston was getting his cargo van ready for the coming week's work in front of his Lakeland house and noticed a red Mazda slowly cruising his street, the sheriff's office said.

Suspicious, Preston put his .38-caliber revolver in the back of the van after seeing the car return and two men inside stare at him.

Shortly later, both men walked toward Preston with T-shirts tied over their faces and one armed with a shotgun, sheriff's office said. They demanded his wallet, but Preston, who was holding his pistol at his side, grabbed the shotgun barrel to push it away and shot the armed man in the torso, the sheriff's office said.
One guy was found right away hiding under a car. The guy who got shot was arrested at a local hospital. Both are charged with armed robbery.

Self-defense works, and it is a human right.

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