Sunday, October 18, 2009

Is anyone - aside from the rapist - to blame?

Evidence sat, was not acted on. Victims were not followed. Leads not investigated. The result? 2 teens raped as evidence sat --

I want to blame the Chicago police, but I know they are struggling with antiquated systems, manpower shortages, etc. There is probably some apathy as well. (Do you know the story of Sisyphus? I'm sure they feel like they are rolling the same bolder up the same mountain every day.) There are probably other problems I don't know about.

But when there was a lot of the information on hand, one of the victims provided six digits of a license plate in 2006. Yet they were never acted on, until two rapes later.

"The System" has problems. But it shouldn't have these many problems. I'm just not sure that you can lay the blame for all this with anyone in CPD. Except maybe the people who make policy. (Should they spend more money on "red light" cameras, or on solving old rapes?)

At least the monster is finally behind bars. Still awaiting trial, but with a lot of evidence against him.

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