Saturday, October 24, 2009

Maritime Piracy Seems to Have Dropped Off the Radar

Of the major news organizations that is. (Is it that Americans have the attention span of a flea, or is it just the news organization?)

VOA News - Rise in Somali Piracy Contributes to Increase Worldwide We have passed the worldwide total for 2008, with two more months of good weather left.
The International Maritime Bureau of the International Chamber of Commerce, reports 306 piracy incidents have been reported in the first three quarters of 2009 compared to 293 reported in all of 2008.
Now while the number of attacks are up, the number of successful hijackings are down. People are learning.

But there was another hijacking off Somalia on Thursday.
Pirates attacked two ships off the eastern Africa coast Thursday, only one of which successfully fended off their assailants. On Monday, a Chinese bulk carrier was hijacked and is being held for ransom.
The attacks are changing too. Global pirate attacks more frequent, more violent: IMB

And while the area around Somalia is mostly the area in the news, it isn't the only place where piracy is a problem. Still it does account for the majority of attacks.

So why is no one interested?

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