Thursday, October 22, 2009

Mistakes are one thing...

Cost cutting isn't about mistakes Doctors told boy who died of meningitis 'it's migraine'

OK, at first it was a mistake. They just thought his headache was a migraine. They treated the mother pretty poorly though.
Cheryl Cressey, 48, told how she pleaded to have her son admitted to hospital. She said: “I kept going back and asking for somebody to look at him, but nobody would come. They rolled their eyes at me, they tutted at me, they turned their backs on me.”
Crazy mother turned out to be not that crazy.
But he had barely been home an hour when he started convulsing violently and was taken back to the hospital. This time, the doctor on the ward decided to inject William, who by this point was in severe pain, with antibiotics. However, a consultant told the doctor not to give him the drugs.
That consultant is the National Health System's cost controlling bureaucrat. The government intervening to limit health care.
William became distraught, said Mrs Cressey. “William got hold of his hand and said, 'Please help me, if you don’t help me I’m going to die.’ But he just walked away.”

Antibiotics were eventually administered intravenously but William died.
And everyone on the Left just loves the fact that Britain has the "single-payer" health care system.

Didn't work too good for this family. But hey, they didn't do any unnecessary tests. They didn't do any necessary tests either, but you can't have everything.

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