Saturday, October 24, 2009

They Are "Shocked" to Discover They Live in the Real World ™

They thought they lived in Pleasantville. They were wrong. Violent death of local priest rattles small, upscale Chatham
The violent death of Rev. Edward Hinds, found dead Friday in the kitchen of the rectory of St. Patrick's Church in Chatham, has shocked local residents in this upscale bedroom community that attracts Manhattan commuters and young parents looking for good schools and a tight-knit community.
Yes, it may be safer on average than other locales. It is not perfectly safe.

If you are within the sound of my voice can read this, then you live in the Real World™, and in the real world, there is violent crime. It isn't something that only happens in "other kinds of places;" it can happen anywhere. Which is why all of NJ's insane gun laws are insane.
They don't stop crime, or keep crime at bay.

(If you could wave a magic wand and eliminate all guns in the world, do you think there would be no crime in the morning? Neither do I.)

So New Jersey sticks their collective head in the sand.
"People move here because it's very safe," said Jo Shent, a 20-year Chatham resident. "People don't get bludgeoned to death while making coffee in the rectory."
Actually, at least one person did get bludgeoned to death.

But that's OK. People "feel" safe. They have no idea whether they actually are safe or not, but feeling safe is what's important, right?

Now even if NJ had sane gun laws, would this priest have been able to defend himself? Who knows? Having a plan for your defense does not guarantee your safety. (Add saying about "death and taxes" here.) But doing everything you can to disarm everyone doesn't bring about safety.

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