Sunday, October 11, 2009

We've Heard This Before

You could file this under the heading "Talk is Cheap."Obama vows to end restrictions on gays in military - Yahoo! News
Lane Hudson, a blogger and activist who attended the Human Rights Campaign event, said while Obama's speech was well-received, it probably would not erase doubts about his commitment to fulfilling his campaign promises.

"It was the kind of feel-good speech we are used to from the president," Hudson said. "It lacked any specific details on fulfilling his promises and he failed to say anything new at all."
And if he doesn't get to it in this term, well then just vote for him in 2012 and he is SURE to get to in the next.

Campaign promises are worth squat. Politicians will say whatever the people in front of them want to hear. He made promises last year. He made promises yesterday.

The Huffington Post Says, "Obama Is Gays' Best Friend -- To Say Otherwise is Shortsighted, Insulting and Just Plain Dumb." No action on Employment Non-discrimination. No action on Don't Ask, Don't Tell. No action on Defense of Marriage Act. No action on Hate Crimes.

With friends like this...

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