Friday, October 02, 2009

Your Tax Dollars Pay For Their Mistakes

Are they mistakes? I couldn't think of another word that wasn't inflammatory. Portland Police claims cost taxpayers $3 million The 3 million figure covers 5 years in Portland, Oregon. It includes the latest decision.
On March 17, 2007, Clay and two other men were in downtown Portland celebrating Clay's birthday and St. Patrick's Day. The men headed for a parking garage at SW 3rd Ave. and Alder Street at nearly 3 a.m. when Clay decided to find a slice of pizza.

He says two officers began to follow him.
He described a feeling of being stalked by predators.
“As the officers approached the car my brother pulled out his gun permit, his license and registration, hands it to him and he just said, 'They're carrying!'" said Booth. “After he said that, next thing you know we were drew down on pistols to our heads."

Despite a legal permit to carry a concealed weapon the three were taken to the ground and handcuffed.
These three guys had broken no law. They were not causing a disturbance. What they were, was black.

No arrests were made, and the three were eventually released. They sued. And were awarded a paltry 175,000 bucks. Of course the Portland police defend these three. They only did what they did to "keep the public safe." Right.

This reminds me of the case in Tennessee a while back, when COLTCCO was body-slammed at a Wal-Mart by the local constabulary for breaking no laws. While he got an apology, I don't know if he got any money.

That case got a lot of attention. (Law abiding white-guy rousted by ignorant cop.) Of course it helped that he was firearms instructor, salesman and friend of some medium-to-high-profile bloggers.

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