Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Big Brother Moves Forward in the UK

If they are paying for your health care, they should be able to ensure you are "safe." Health and Safety inspectors ‘sent in to family homes’ - Telegraph
Officials will be sent to carry out formal assessments on items such as stair gates, oven guards and smoke alarms, under draft guidelines drawn up for the Department of Health.

Hospital records and social services papers would be trawled to find families to target for further investigation and GPs, midwives and health visitors would also be asked to make checks as a matter of “routine.”

Information on families’ home arrangements could then be stored on a new health and safety database available to councils, NHS bodies, housing associations, police and the fire brigade.
Some would say that privacy died a long time ago, but this is beyond invasion of the home by the state.

The citizens of the UK seem to have lost control of the beast that is government.

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