Saturday, November 28, 2009

The Blissful State of UK Health Care - Worst Offenders

Finally some statistics are being released. Shamed: the top hospitals with the worst death rates - Telegraph
The three hospitals with the highest patient death rates in the country can be named, amid a deepening crisis over the standard of care in the NHS.
They are rated high, but the results are a bit less.
Bolton, Greater Manchester and Basildon NHS trusts have elite “foundation status”. However, The Sunday Telegraph has learned that statistics to be published this week will show a higher percentage of patients died while in their care in 2008-09 than in any other trusts in the country.
The problem is the Trusts (which run the hospitals on behalf of the NHS) rate themselves.
At Basildon Hospital, managers gave themselves 13 out of a 14 possible marks for safety and cleanliness. The ratings were published just weeks before the damning inspection report was drawn up.

At Alder Hey, hospital managers awarded themselves the maximum score for cleanliness. When its self-assessments were added up, it was awarded an overall rating of “excellent” for its services.

On October 15, the hospital sent out a press release, titled “best in class, best in country”, describing how it had achieved the most successful result of any children’s hospital.

Twelve days later, when inspectors from regulators the Care Quality Commission (CQC) arrived unannounced, they found filthy conditions, with brown running water, mouldy bathrooms and soiled furniture and commodes. Toys were stored on top of equipment to clean bedpans.
For a rundown on the Basildon Hospital, see this link.

Trays used to deliver "sterile" equipment were themselves dirty. Toys stored with implements used to clean bed pans. Go take a look.

The trust administrators (bureaucrats) say "never fear" the problems found by the outside audit were a fluke. Our results are good. (Our good results are good, your bad results are not good. Yeah. What do you expect from a bureaucrat?)

I can't wait for Michael Moore to make a new movie about all the problems in socialized medicine.

UPDATE: For an anecdote about how bad it was(is?) see this link. You will be horrified.

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