Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Liberal (?) Columnist Doesn't Like Self-defense

Misses (or misconstrues) the point entirely. Focus on the burglary, not the aggressive action. Shooting of burglar in Sorrento was legal -- but 'sickening' --
After all, there is no death penalty for stealing stuff.
He was NOT killed because he was stealing stuff; he was killed because he made an aggressive move toward an armed citizen. (The "burglar" was carrying bolt cutters after all.) That armed citizen felt the 23-year-old man with bolt cutters was a reasonable threat and acted accordingly. Which is to say, he exercised his legal right to defend himself.

Lauren Richie, of the Orlando Sentinel doesn't seem to believe this was the right thing to do.
The biggest difference between states with Castle Doctrines and those without is that the latter usually require the homeowner to try to get away before unleashing force.

Florida removed that provision in 2005. Someone in your house? Fire up the cannons. The pro-gun folks were thrilled; the anti-gun folks howled.
I wonder which group she finds herself in.

Of course the predictions of unimaginable carnage made by those anti-gun folks have not come to pass.

Self-defense is a human right. And in Florida, it is your legal right.

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