Sunday, November 29, 2009

Pot Smoking is Bad for Your Health

You might say he made some bad decisions. Pot smoker shot after breaking into Phoenix home

Confronted by police, he had a joint in his hand.
In an attempt to flee the scene, the man jumped out of a window, hopped a fence and ran to a nearby neighborhood. The suspect broke through the back door of a nearby house, alerting the family dog who began to bark.
The homeowner got up, and told the idiot he had a gun. But apparently you lose the ability to think clearly on dope.
I walked out of my hallway into the living room and it was dark. There was a guy standing there, he had something in his hands, I was in fear for the safety of me and my family so I fired."

The suspect was shot in the hip and ran right out the front door right into the hands of awaiting police officers, who say he was holding a chair.
The idiot is in the hospital - and also under arrest. He had an outstanding warrant, and a criminal history.

The police see the homeowner's actions as completely justified.
Phoenix Police spokesman Andy Hill says, "If somebody feels that they're going to hit you over the head with a chair, obviously it could knock you out and then that person could kill you, take your gun, shoot you.".
Self-defense works. Bad Guys 0, Good Guys 1.

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