Friday, November 27, 2009

The Problem is the Easy Cash

While there is a mention of 'easy cash' early on you have to get to the last paragraph to see the real reason piracy is flourishing. The Associated Press: Experts: Nigerian pirates may be extending reach

This is off the west coast of Africa, literally a continent away from the area we always here about, Somalia. Piracy is reported, though the powers-that-be think it is under reported.

There are various reasons given for why the attacks started. Polluted rivers from oil companies. Fishing trawlers blamed for decimating the local fishing. Both may be true.
But in both countries, the political message became muddied after ship owners and employers offered large sums of cash for the freedom of their workers and vessels. The influx of cash into impoverished communities encouraged pirates who went after ransoms.
More money than these communities will see in any other way. International sailors told by the UN and others not to fight back. It was (is?) an easy payday. Though people are beginning to see that being a defenseless victim is not a winning strategy.

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