Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Quality Health Care Costs Money

Politicians love to talk about how we are going to save money on health care, and usually in the same sentence say how good health care in the United Kingdom. Too bad it isn't true. Poor care 'could be killing patients' - Telegraph
One in three patients who died within days of being admitted did not receive acceptable standards of care, an independent health watchdog found.

The study reveals delayed operations, complications left untreated and surgery not carried out because theatres closed at night or during weekends.
There is a list of anecdotal evidence, and some statistics - though they are based on small samples. Still the study is disturbing.
“Some of the examples are shocking,” [Katherine Murphy, from the Patient’s Association, said.]

“Life-threatening complications left untreated, poor notekeeping, seriously ill patients deteriorating without prompt action, lack of facilities for emergency surgery, avoidable complications contributing to patient death.

“We're told patient safety is the number one priority for the NHS - this report suggests otherwise.”
Cost savings. Time limits. These are the kinds of things bureaucrats talk about (and measure). Quality of the care received? Tougher to measure that.

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