Monday, November 30, 2009

The State of UK Health Care - Ominbus Edition

Cancer care on the NHS falls behind the rest of Europe - Telegraph Care of cancer patients in the UK doesn't look so good if you compare their care to Europe. Even within the country, some areas get much better outcomes than other areas. And some new "first line" treatments just aren't available via the cost-cutting NHS. But they are saving money.

Woman died after cancer drug side effects were ignored - Telegraph Repeated calls to the hospital that was managing her chemotherapy were not directed to doctors. Records of the calls have been shredded to protect the guilty.

Hospitals: 82 patients underwent operations on wrong part of body - Telegraph I think the headline speaks for itself.

Hospitals: 27 NHS trusts in England with 'significantly high' death rates - Telegraph Hospitals that have higher than expected death rates... mostly based on cleanliness and the spread of infections.

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