Thursday, November 12, 2009

The System Can't Protect You

Cops were only seconds away (not the usual minutes). It wasn't good enough. Slaying suspect broke through back window as police kept watch in front, sources say - Los Angeles Times
Officers who specialize in domestic violence talked to the woman and, at some point, drove her back to her home near Cochran Avenue and Pico Boulevard. Law enforcement sources said the officers went into the apartment with the woman to make sure the suspect was not there. They thoroughly checked the apartment and then went to their car.

The officers decided to keep watch on the street, worried that the suspect might come to cause trouble, sources said. Police believe the man sneaked into the apartment through a small back window, sources said, possibly scaling the roof to get there. The sources spoke on the condition that they not be named because LAPD policy does not allow public comments on open cases.

The officers heard the woman's screams, ran into the apartment and saw a man stabbing the woman. They opened fire, fatally wounding the attacker.
Both the victim and her attacker are dead.

Cops drove her to the apartment and checked to be sure it was safe. It wasn't safe for very long.

Cops are usually minutes away. In this case they were only seconds away. It didn't help.

In that instant when you are confronted by a violent maniac intent on doing you harm, you are probably going to be alone. You need a plan for how to deal with it. (Dialing 911, relying on police, etc. is probably not going to keep you safe.)

This woman was only alone for a few seconds. Those few seconds were the rest of her life.

Now if she had owned a gun, and had it with her in the apartment (very questionable given the law in the People's Republic of California) she may not have prevailed. Owning a gun, carrying a gun, does not make you invincible. But relying on others for your safety only makes you a disarmed victim. A lot of bad things can happen in a few minutes. In this case it only took a few seconds.

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