Monday, November 23, 2009

The Union Thinks Shooting 12-yr-old Girls with Bean Bags OK

She was down on the ground, in the hands of a cop. She was struggling, so he shot her. Portland officer put on leave after shooting girl, 12, with beanbag gun
The encounter was caught on TriMet videotape at 10:47 p.m. Saturday, showing Humphreys circling the girl after his fellow Transit Officer Aaron Dauchy had taken the girl to the ground and continued to struggle with her on the MAX platform at Northeast 148th Avenue. The girl had struck Dauchy in the face when he tried to take her into custody on a TriMet exclusion violation.Humphreys, police say, repeatedly warned the girl to stop resisting or he'd shoot his beanbag gun, and fired one shot, striking her in the thigh at close range.
The union thinks this is completely OK.
police union President Sgt. Scott Westerman stood outside vigorously defending Humphreys, backed by more than 40 officers who stood shoulder to shoulder on the center's front steps.

Westerman decried the actions taken by the police administrators, calling them politically motivated and further fallout from the pending federal lawsuit involving Humphreys, who is accused of using excessive force against James P. Chasse Jr., a 42-year-old schizophrenic man who died in police custody in September 2006. Humphreys faces a proposed two-week unpaid suspension in that case.
Got that? A suspect dies in your custody, you lose 2 weeks pay. What a deterrent that is likely to be.

The video clip is way longer than it needs to be, especially given there is no audio.

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