Thursday, November 19, 2009

The Way Chicago Doesn't Work

Trade shows are (used to be?) important to Chicago. 2nd big trade show leaves to save cash :: CHICAGO SUN-TIMES :: Business

Actually the number is three, but the Sun Times story has some info on why the exodus.
Why would electrical costs for one booth for one exhibitor be $4,000 in Orlando, where the trade group previously had a show, and $40,000 in Chicago? Those numbers were quoted by the sponsor of the Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society show, which announced last week it's moving from Chicago to Las Vegas.

David Causton, general manager at McCormick Place, didn't deny the numbers, but said that electrical service prices vary widely depending on the type of extra work needed to set up a booth. In Chicago, he said, union electricians install trusses and exhibit lights as they have historically done. In Orlando, such work might be handled by stagehands, he said.
Unions promise to "work a little bit harder" to be competitive. Great. I wonder how that will work out?

This is the mindset that runs Chicago (and now Washington DC.) Screw everyone who isn't supporting you politically.

Once upon a time in Chicago, there was work that got done. Now the taxes are so high, I am surprised any business stays there. (Sales tax is more than 10%.) Very few reasons that trade shows should move to a more welcoming environment.

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