Sunday, November 22, 2009

Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance

Always try to read something good on a long trip. I picked this copy up a few years ago - it is the 25th Anniversary Edition - and it sat on a shelf since then.

I'm only getting started but it is still good. Will have to see how the whole thing stands up to time.

One thing that hasn't changed, is that a lot of people resent technology.

I think this where the whole global warming movement gets its religious-like zeal. Whether it is right or wrong, is beside the point. People have accepted it without thinking. (No not everyone - I am sure you thought about it - but there are a lot of people who are against technology because it is technology. See dihydrogen-monoxide.)

People are dependent on technology, and for the most part they haven't got a clue as to how it works. I'm not talking about your PC. Most people don't know how a refrigerator works, or what is involved in producing their morning corn-flakes (including how it got to the store.) If they were really expected to live a 'sustainable' life, they would be dead before the end of winter.

On some level they know this, and resent it. So it is easy to believe the electric utilities are evil. Of course very few of them are installing solar power in their homes. They want the utilities to "go green." They don't want to have to choose between grid-intertie or battery-based inverters. (Why can't I have both? "Soon" isn't good enough.) And the ones that do make the selection, are then surprised to find that their grid-intertie solar-system doesn't work when the grid fails. (Grid-intertie is easier, I don't have learn about batteries, and the grid is right there, and I don't have to think about giving up clothes driers, ...)

So that much hasn't changed in 25 years or so.

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