Thursday, February 04, 2010

Another Reason to Stay In the Boat

Sharks. Kiteboarder dies after shark attack off Stuart: Great white sharks suspected in death -

The early reports were "juvenile Great White" sharks, but this guy says be careful before jumping to conclusions.
Of the many types of sharks off the Treasure Coast, three of the four species known to attack humans -- great hammerheads, bulls and tigers -- prefer warm water. They leave the area or go deep in winter.

"The only other species that gathers in abundance out there in the winter are the juvenile great white sharks," Gilmore said.
Some other varieties, but they aren't usually involved in fatal attacks.
Spinner sharks and blacktips are currently migrating up the coast, Hammerschlag said.

"They don't attack unless provoked, but maybe the guy on the kiteboard ended up on top of a shark," he said.
Alligators in fresh water. Crocodiles in salt water. Sharks. Rays. ... I like to stay in the boat, preferably with a Gin & Tonic. (Or coffee in the morning.)

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