Monday, February 08, 2010

Apparently They Don't Want to Get Sued By "Big Soft Drinks"

Soft Drinks Could Boost Pancreatic Cancer Risk

First they tell that a "well designed" study finds a link between drinking 2 or more soft drinks per week, and then they say that but the risk is still low. What? So I shouldn't worry?
People who down two or more soft drinks a week may have double the risk of developing deadly pancreatic cancer, compared to non-soda drinkers, new research suggests.

But the overall number of people developing the malignancy remains low, with the U.S. National Cancer Institute (NCI) estimating 42,470 new cases last year.
Doubling the risk of my getting cancer, and I shouldn't worry? Is Coke or Pepsi going to sue these guys?


Jake (formerly Riposte3) said...

Honestly, after reading the article, I have to agree with "don't worry". They call it a "well designed" study, but then say things like:

"[It was] smaller than some previous studies that did not find a link between sugar-sweetened soft drinks and pancreatic cancer."


"the study didn't differentiate between regular and diet soda"

They're theory is that "elevated blood sugar levels associated with soda-drinking and the associated increase in insulin levels prompt pancreatic cells to divide abnormally," but they're not controlling for diet sodas that don't actually cause elevated blood sugar. They also did not control for other factors that could cause an increased risk.

"[I]f you look at the people who had the high soft drink intake, they also had other issues that may also predispose you to pancreatic cancer," said Dr. Colin D. Weekes, assistant professor of medicine at the University of Colorado Denver. "It's hard to make any true associations from this. "We could argue that smoking could be the issue here and not the soda intake."

The study in question seems to have a lot of holes to draw any conclusion beyond "needs more study," especially when larger studies have not shown any link.

It's also worth remembering that soft drinks are becoming the health-nazis' new tobacco. They've got smoking on the ropes and almost stamped out (at least in public), so now they need a new target. Studies linking smoking with tobacco use were manipulated and exaggerated by the health industry as much as the tobacco industry, I don't see them changing their ways for anything else they've decided to declare "unhealthy."

Zendo Deb said...
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