Monday, February 15, 2010

At Least He Was Fired

This was doing nothing wrong. He was "accosted" by police for being asleep in a truck. The officer who handcuffed and beat him was fired Sequoyah County Times - Man claims he was beaten by officers The officer was fired for not following procedures and filling the required reports.
Cantwell said not once did he hear the officers ask him for his ID. He said all he remembers is the door opening and being pulled out by his feet then hit in the face and handcuffed.

“I was in the back seat of a truck that wasn’t mine. I had been sleeping for three or four hours, there were no keys in the ignition and the truck was parked in a private drive. I was not doing anything wrong,” Cantwell explained.

Lewis said during the investigation it was determined Oliver opened the door and asked Cantwell to exit the vehicle because he refused to present his identification when asked by officers.
Do we have to "show our papers" whenever asked today? I thought that was thrown out by the courts. Maybe I missed the memo that we are now living in the Soviet Union of America.

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Ian Argent said...

IIRC - you can be compelled to "identify" yourself "for the officer's safety". It may extend to provising papers if you have them on you.