Monday, February 01, 2010

But He Was a "Brother Officer"

You can't expect them to treat each other the way they treat everyone else. They're cops, after all. Experts: Police botched 1st Peterson investigation -
JOLIET, Ill. -- From nearly the moment the lead investigator stepped into the suburban Chicago area home where former policeman Drew Peterson's third wife was found dead in a dry bathtub, he treated her death as a tragic accident.
You want them to assume that when a cop's wife drowns, he might have something to do with it? You don't know much about cops.
Six years later, as prosecutors and defense attorneys prepare for Peterson's trial on charges of murdering Kathleen Savio, one thing has become clear: Police blew the initial investigation, undermining prosecutors' ability to prove their case.
That was the whole point. He was "one of theirs." He couldn't be subjected to the same stuff reserved the the "little people." (That's everyone who isn't a cop.)

Peterson is now suspected of foul play in the death of one wife, and the disappearance of another.

While cops had been called to the Peterson home, no reports were filed. That would be too much like treating a cop like a citizen.

If there is any justice in this, it will be that all those cops in that quiet suburb are haunted by the shades of the 2 women they failed - miserably - to protect, from one of their own.

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