Thursday, February 18, 2010

Chief of Police or Criminal?

Suburban Chicago police chief sentenced to 6 years - Maybe both.
The former police chief of the Chicago suburb of Melrose Park was sentenced Wednesday to six years in prison for having his officers work as security men for his company while on duty and pressuring businesses to use their services.
He was convicted of this and of instructing his officers to engage in a cover-up.

One quote jumps off the page.
He said he never imagined that he could lose his freedom.
Either he thought he wouldn't get caught, or he believed that cops don't go to jail. In either case he didn't believe that police needed to obey the law.

The last word goes to the prosecutor.
"Suggestions that the defendant was a good cop and a good chief?" [Assistant U.S. Attorney Scott] Asbury said. "That is impossible because good cops are not racketeers."

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